Hartog-Gautier, Nathalie. Sighting the Whale, Mosman Art Gallery (exhibition statement)

Size :  3 panels, 134 x 67 cm each
Medium: hand made hibiscus paper, kozo paper, Jarrah frame and other things.


In Fragonard’s perfume museum in Paris there is a three panelled cabinet containing different jars of flowering extracts. The perfume’s composer, “the nose”, would seat at a desk in front of the cabinet to create a floral scent. What inspired me to work on the subject of perfume is the non literal approach to the theme of the whale and perfume. By this I mean the extraordinary process of transformation from a sea creature to a sensorial art form, a botanical bouquet where the sea meets the land.  Each paper jar is made from hibiscus fibre, a very evocative flower due to its shape and the tropical exoticism idea of its origins. In each jar there is an abstract representation of nature, a wearable scented garden, exotic, tropical and sensual. Each jar is a unique floral composition, an imaginary bouquet of imaginary flowers inspired by nature, like a palette of an artist, to compose a perfume.

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