Earthlines: Exploring the limits of symbolic knowledge systems

Marks on paper, marks on the ground, marks anywhere can be indicative of an event or a significant change. They indicate boundaries, the intersection or meeting place of two different systems. The lines separating systems are the lace work making the fabric of the universe. They denote both the mutual interdependence and individual autonomy of systems on either side of the boundary.

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Dr Lawrenson, Anna. Scanning Memories, travelling exhibition, 2009-10, ill (catalogue)

Any form of nature which moves us strongly by its beauty… is worthy of our best efforts… [but] the question comes, how much do we see and how much are our ideas… made up by comparison with those we have already known? 

Nathalie Hartog-Gautier is constantly searching through archives, image banks, memories and landscapes looking for new ways to ‘see’ as an artist.

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Hartog-Gautier, Nathalie. Sighting the Whale, Mosman Art Gallery (exhibition statement)

Size :  3 panels, 134 x 67 cm each
Medium: hand made hibiscus paper, kozo paper, Jarrah frame and other things.


In Fragonard’s perfume museum in Paris there is a three panelled cabinet containing different jars of flowering extracts. The perfume’s composer, “the nose”, would seat at a desk in front of the cabinet to create a floral scent. What inspired me to work on the subject of perfume is the non literal approach to the theme of the whale and perfume. By this I mean the extraordinary process of transformation from a sea creature to a sensorial art form, a botanical bouquet where the sea meets the land.  Each paper jar is made from hibiscus fibre, a very evocative flower due to its shape and the tropical exoticism idea of its origins. In each jar there is an abstract representation of nature, a wearable scented garden, exotic, tropical and sensual. Each jar is a unique floral composition, an imaginary bouquet of imaginary flowers inspired by nature, like a palette of an artist, to compose a perfume.

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