My practice over the years has focused on the concept of the voyage, its transformations, attachments and associations, especially when place interconnects with memory and identity.

Current Projects

The river embodies an emblematic metaphor for the very notion of my journey, its mood and the nature of its penetration of the landscape. The drawings of the water patterns, formed by the flow of the river, represent a form of writing expressing an array of emotional responses through pattern, composition and form.

Guest Artist at the “Museum d’Histoire Naturelle” in Le Havre, France, for an exhibition in 2018.Project: Botanical Journey.

Following my travel to Udaipur, India, I am currently developing a series of drawings influenced by the “Jali” (screens made from stone, and carved in delicate, intricate and symmetrical geometrical patterns). While in India, I became fascinated by the representation of botanical specimens in the architecture of Rajasthan. Inspired by the decorative elements, I am also working on a series of drawings of imaginary plants that purport to be botanical specimens.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Imaging the Margin: Journey, Borders and Living on the Edge
Collaborative work with Penelope Lee
Grafton Regional Gallery
2 August – 9 September 2017

McKillop Museum Space, North Sydney
5 October 2017 – 28 February 2018

La Collegiale Saint-Pierre la cour, Le Mans, France

North Head, 2018
Group exhibition
Manly Art Gallery and Museum
8 December 2017 – 18 February 2018

9th Douro Biennale,
10 August – 31 October 2018