My practice over the years has focused on the voyage of people and their interaction between their environment they arrive in and the ecology they bring with them. This allow me to explore ideas of transformation, attachment and association and in particular, the intersection between place, memory and identity.

Current Projects

The work is a result of a residency in the Blue Mountains where I visited unprotected sites that are under threat from coal mining, where the invisible underground mining can crack old stone pagodas in the Garden of Stones and stop water feeding the downstream landscape. I call this body of work “Fissures”, the marks left in the landscape.

The river embodies an emblematic metaphor for the very notion of my journey, its mood and the nature of its penetration of the landscape. The drawings of the water patterns, formed by the flow of the river, represent a form of writing expressing an array of emotional responses through pattern, composition and form.

Guest Artist at the “Museum d’Histoire Naturelle” in Le Havre, France, for an exhibition in 2020. Project: Botanical Journey.

I am working on a large format book looking at the Australian governments policies, since Federation, and their impacts on refugees looking for paradis in Australia.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Le Havre, France

La Collegiale Saint-Pierre la cour, Le Mans, France